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Depending on the size and type of your business, competitive data backup software/systems can cost over $5,000 per Server!
But at US DataVault, it's included FREE with every account.


    File Search
    Allows you to type in the name of the file and see every versions backed up, and allow you to restore any of them.
    Our software can backup remote Windows and Non-Windows Server (i.e. UNIX, LINUX, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, Mac OS X).
    Full Featured Web Interface
    Allowing you to see all the files that were backed up, when they were backed up, and even restore specific files using any web browser.
    Incremental & Differential Backups
    Only backup files that have been changed or added since the last incremental or full backup.
    Exchange Server
    Incrementally or differentially DOWN TO THE MAILBOX LEVEL.
    SQL Server Databases
    We can also backup SQL Servers.
    Single File Restore
    You do not have to do a full restore to retrieve one specific file back to it’s original location or a new folder, if you wish.
    System State Restore
    You can also do system state backup and restore for your Windows XP or 2003 computers. (Windows 98, ME, or 2000 not available. Not yet available on Windows Vista).
    Locked File Manager Agent Available
    We have an agent that will allow you to backup exclusively locked files which cannot normally be backed up while open. This is available for $299 per server or $79 per desktop, and will work with any backup software on the market.

For more information on the NEW USDV Backup-Pro System 2, please go HERE!

We Use The Best Offsite Data Backup Software available and are always working to update/improve it.We have looked at every data backup software solution currently available on the market and taken the best of elements of each one to develop US DataVault Backup Professional.

Here is why our data backup software is the BEST:

It’s Fast

US DataVault Backup Pro processes your backups faster than any other software, enabling you to backup more in less time.

It Has A Small Footprint

US DataVault Backup Pro uses very little resources, so your systems or servers don't get bogged down.

It Is Very Stable

US DataVault Backup Pro is very stable and will not crash your servers and/or workstations.

Feature Rich

Features usually only found on software costing thousands of dollars. ALL MAC OS and Linux compatible as well as Windows 7 & 8!. Backup your Documents, eMail, Folders, Music, Photographs, Video, System State, Accounting Data & much much more! Remember, data backup software can cost a lot, but is included FREE with every US DataVault account.


US DataVault Backup Pro will install on any Windows 2000/2003/XP Server. Through one server, you can backup any server on your network. Here is a list of features we offer:

Byte level backup

Byte level backup will enable you to actually backup changes within a file. For example, currently, if you backup a 1MB word document, and change one sentence, the software will backup the entire 1MB file. With byte level, it will actually backup the sentence, which could be only 10K, saving bandwidth and space on our server. This will be especially useful to our customers who backup large databases. For example, if you had a QuickBooks database of 1GB, every time you changed it, previously, it would have to backup that entire 1GB. Now, it will only backup the changes of that database, which could only be a few MBs. This process will work with ANY files or databases, including SQL server.

Instant Restore

Previously, if you wanted to restore one or two files, our software still had to go through the entire backup before restoring the few files you chose. Depending on your backup size, this could have taken hours. Now, once you choose the files to restore, it will restore them as quickly as it takes to download those specific files only, without having to search the entire backup.

Continued Backup If Disconnected

If your internet connection drops during a backup, the software will try to reconnect until your internet connection is re-established, and will continue from the time it stopped. You can also pause the backup at anytime and restart it if you wish at a later time, as long as you don't cancel the process.


US DataVault Backup Pro provides a built-in security option to protect the privacy of sensitive data. Using AES 256 or Blowfish 448, you can encrypt your data up to 448-bit before it leaves your server! And you have the only key! This option gives users powerful data security at no extra charge. This also means that even our server administrators have no access to your data.

Version Documents Options

Allowing you to set how many different revisions of a specific file or document you want to keep - i.e. Set to always keep the last 5 versions of every documents backed up. This will save you a lot of time and space, so you don't have to worry about saving too many files that you may not need to keep, or having to remember when you need to delete old backups.

No Agents installed on remote servers.

Using Samba, already installed on most Linux/Unix Os's or CIFS, you can backup all your servers without needing to install any separate agents or software on your remote servers.

Ability to backup locally

Our software also allows you backup locally to another server, external or internal Hard Drives, CD/DVD, or tape if you wish (though we do NOT recommend backing up to tape, as it is VERY unreliable).

Shortly About Us
USDV has been providing highly secure, private cloud based fully compliant Data Backup/Business Continuity (BDR/BC) as well as Data Storage/Archiving services for over 20 years. We are one of only a few companies who, in a disaster, can provide complete physical facilities as well as data restoration so Client employees can arrive at 9am next morning, sit down and go right to work as if nothing happened. True business continuity. This year we are launching 2 new virtual services: vCIO and vCISO. We will have our 3rd data facility, a Federally Compliant NOC, up and running by mid '21. Due to our speed and the quality of our Service and Support; we are proud to have been named the 13th best BDR/BC Company in the industry in 2018. And through it all, we have never been breached or lost a single byte of Client data!

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