Instructions to Do a Local Initial Backup and ship the Data to us for import.

Option is available for System 2 users only. (Extra fees apply.)

If you have a large backup, but not a lot of bandwidth, your initial backup could take days, sometimes weeks. Consider that if you have a full T1 (1.54Mbps) for your internet connection, it will take you over 19 days to transfer 300GB. If you have cable or DSL, though your download speed can vary from 256Kbps to 9Mbps, but your upload speed will only be 128Kbps to 768Kbps at best depending on your internet service provider. Upload speed is what you need to do your backups, therefore, at best, you will have half of a T1 speed, which means AT BEST it could take over 15 hours to upload 100GB.

To resolve that issue, you can upload your initial backup to an external USB Drive. External Drives can be purchased at your local Best Buy or other computer store with up to 1.6 TB of space. If you need even more space, you can also order a NAS or SAN box. Call us if you need help on this.

For more info and instructions on how to prepare an external drive to USDV for us to upload for you, go HERE and download the document (large-drive-prep-and-ship-for-data-input-by-usdv.doc) then follow the instructions. Once the backup is done, ship us the drive(s), and we will import your data for you. When you are ready to ship, call us for shipping information.

If you then run a backup to us before we have received and uploaded your initial backup, your backup will act as if your initial backup has already been uploaded, and therefore, will only upload the changes that were made since your initial backup. Though it will act as if all your files are there, they will not be available to restore until we upload your initial backup to our server, which usually takes anywhere between 2 to 5 business days from the time we receive it.

Fees for this service are billed at $100 per hour for tech time. This is a one time fee which includes the incoming package receipt, importing the data and the return of your drives.