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It has been our Mission Statement at US DataVault, Inc. to provide top quality product, protection and service to our clients, fair and equal pricing for the services rendered and to always be available for our clients during a moment of crisis. The very nature of our business unfortunately stems largely from natural disasters involving floods, hurricanes, fires and other acts of God that not only cripple businesses but also human lives caught up in those situations. Because of this; we have always strived to "Pay it Forward" to those in need or less fortunate and to associate ourselves with companies and individuals that have the same values we do.

This individual is a shining example of our partners and the type of people that US DataVault, Inc. has working for you.

Mr. Ira Sorkin retired from a career as an electro-mechanical assembler in 2008. His story begins as a man setting out to repair an old computer and a trip to a yard sale that not only changed the direction of his life, but also the lives of the individuals that he has touched over the years.

Ira had an old computer that was malfunctioning, driving around one afternoon he noticed a garage sale where they had a computer for sale for $5.00. They had it plugged in and running so he bought it, brought it home and exchanged the power supply for the one in his old machine. It worked. A perfect repair for $5.00. Ever since, he has been visiting yard and garage sales and thrift shops looking for old computer parts and electronics.

In his travels talking to people he made the discovery that many people were having problems with their machines as well or needed one altogether but could not afford it. From his experiences he became somewhat knowledgeable about most of the basics and started helping out where he could. Thus was born Ira's charitable effort!

Ira funds his philanthropy mostly himself and only requests that people donate their old machines so that he has parts to use to fix up machines and electronics and give to people for free. Not only does he provide computers but also takes in flat screen monitors, cables, adapters and installation CDs and DVDs. If the laptops or desktops are in working condition, so much the better, but not necessary. There is an exceptional need for working laptops. Any cash donations are set into a fund to purchase more parts to continue his charitable work.

Ira always requests contact information from everyone who gives him machines. This allows him to determine if there are any files, photos or other important documents on the hard drive. If so he will save these files to disk if possible and return them to the owner. He then deletes the drive partition and re-formats the drive before using it in another system. No information survives. If there is a security question, the drives can be removed before donating the machine.

We know that recycling stations are not as common or easily accessible in many parts of the country. Because of this it may be easier and more cost effective to send these items to Ira for disposal. It may also be possible to take these donations on your tax returns as charity or a business expense, however that is not guaranteed. Even if there are items that Ira cannot use, send your donation anyway as there are always others who can use them. If your donation can not be re-purposed, it is very easy in California to legally recycle what is left.

In his own words: "I have been lucky enough to not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from or how I will pay my bills. I very much like the idea of "Paying It Forward" and "giving back".

We at USDV are always awed and impressed by the kindness in this world. There is so little of it shown these days and so many that really make a difference that you don't hear about. We'd like to acknowledge and support these incredible individuals and thank them for their service to humanity.

For more information about this charitable effort please email Mr. Ira Sorkin c/o

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